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June 2017 - Present
Senior Advisor

I advise Envorso and provide senior consulting services around software operations and strategy. As of January 2021 I have taken a more operational role. I specialize in working with companies where software has become a new dimension of value and competition or where companies seeking renewal in their approach to software products. Recent engagements have included assessment of software strategy and operations, development of an approach to talent, and advising on better incorporating the customer into the product development process.

March 2009 - Present
Northwestern University
Adjunct Lecturer

I Teach in the Northwestern McCormick School of Engineering. In 2009, I taught software engineering in the computer science department. From 2010 to 2021 created and taught NUvention Web; a two quarter software entrepreneurship course where students build products and launch businesses.

March 2022 - March 2023
Interim Executive Director of Software

As an extension of a consulting engagement through Envorso, served as the interim executive director of software for connected vehicles/model e reporting to the Ford Chief Product Officer, Doug Field. Responsibilities included all in-vehicle software and supplier relationships exclusive of Assistive Driving (Infotainment, Connectivity, Clusters, Body, Chassis and Power Train), Connected Cloud Software, Data Telemetry, Ford Pro Telematics, Software Update, Charging Services, wholly owned subsidiary Autonomic and the Ford Pass mobile application. During a 9 month period:

  • significantly re-shaped and realigned the management team to be more focused on software; hiring key outside leaders and promoting inside leaders to guide team.

  • Made significant moves to increase test coverage and automation, and streamline the software release process.

  • Worked on re-aligning ratios between software development and non-software development personnel including development of an Software Development Engineering ladder. This resulted in a net reduction of approximately 20% of staff in a multi-thousand person organization.

  • Reduced dependence on outside purchase service.

  • Assisted in identifying and recruiting a successor who serves as the Chief Connected Vehicle Software officer.

  • Worked on the launch of several key Ford products including the Lightening electric pickup and the 2023 Super Duty.

During my final 3 months supported the transition to the permanent replacement, and worked on special projects, including building and implementing a software quality improvement plan, presented to the CEO and aligned with Ford’s corporate quality strategy.

June 2009 - January 2023
Divergent Ventures
Managing director

I served as an Advisor to early Divergent Ventures Funds I and II, and as a General Partner with Divergent III, IV, and II Annex. Divergent invested in seed and series A companies in the themes of cloud computing, next Generation Data, and next generation infrastructure. Todd was closely involved in the fundraising for Divergent III and IV, and investment and management of many of Divergent’s investments. He was the main representative as a board member or board observer for BlueTalon, ReadyPulse, Socedo, TempoIQ and Wicket Labs.

November 2001 - December 2008
Corporate Vice President Mobile and Embedded Devices

I started as General Manager of the Windows Embedded group in 2001 which managed a separate business p and l building Windows CE, specialized devices like the Portable Media Center, ultimately becoming the Corporate Vice President responsible for Development of Windows Mobile, Windows CE, and Windows Automotive. During this period, We released Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 6.1 which powered millions of phones built by HTC, Samsung, and Motorola. We started several initiatives focused on device management and device update; and began to lay the foundation for what became Windows Phone.

Along the way, I led the turn around of the Windows Automotive group, the resulted in shipping a firmware updatable voice activated bluetooth car kit. This product shipped Windows automotive with key partners including Fiat (Blue and Me), Ford (Sync), and Hyundai as well as various tier 1s.

This stint also included managing the Mapping group, which did a pivot from a focus on b2b products to launching Virtual Earth. The Virtual Earth team executed its strategy as one of the first groups at Microsoft to use Agile/Scrum; and formed a unique partnership with Microsoft Research to include digital imagery in its maps.

September 1998 - October 2001
General Manager Microsoft Project

General Manager for Microsoft Project for the release of Microsoft Project 2000 and the planning and early development of Microsoft Project 2002. Significantly grew business to more than $500m in revenue; including acquiring components for a server base project launched as Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project Pro.

September 1993 - September 1998
Product Unit Manager - BackOffice and Small Business Server

With the introduction of Windows NT and it’s related server applications, including Exchange and SQL Server, a need was identified to build commons services for experiences that crossed the server family; as well as building common products for distinct audiences that used the products together. This phase of my Microsoft Career I started as a group program manager and became the general manager of group that provided various common functions to the server applications; as well as created the distinct product bundles Small Business Server and BackOffice Server. At the time, Small Business Server was the fastest product to reach $100m in revenue at Microsoft. I led this group from a proposal to more than 100 people. We provided the a set of shared services, including providing Systems Management UI via the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), UX Design and Research, and Developer SDK’s and Developer programs.

Our developer work included providing the majority of the SDK content for the Microsoft Developer Network at the dawn of the internet.

January 1990 - September 1993
Product Manager - Microsoft Mail and Exchange

I joined the email product management team when we had one product-Mac Mail. I worked with our 3rd party partners. After Microsoft acquired Consumer’s Software to enter the PC Mail Business, I product managed many of its add-on products—“gateways” that connected to other legacy email systems. I led the product planning, positioning, and initial launch of Microsoft Exchange and the Microsoft Mail Client, as well as Schedule+ for Windows.

June 1987 - March 1990
Program Manager - MASM, C, Tools

I joined Microsoft after undergrad as a Program Manager in the tools group. I was responsible for the release of MASM 5.1, Microsoft C 6.0, as well as working with the other languages products on shared development tools. I wrote some of the first user interface Specs for Developer Tools at Microsoft, specifically for CodeView 3.0 (most of the conventions we defined for data structure debugging are mimicked by debuggers today), the Programmer’s Workbench—an early profession developer environment, and worked closely with the author to of ‘Z’ editor to release as ‘M’.


Volunteer and Board Experience

January 2001 - Present
Northwestern University
School Advisory Boards

I have volunteered at various times on the Board of Visitors for the Weinberg College of Arts and Science, the National Advisory Council of the School of Communications where I also served several years as Chair during the capital campaign for it’s new building. I currently serve on the McCormick College of Engineering Advisory Council. I also advise the Computer Science department and the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship; where I am currently chairing the advisory board.

January 2001 - Present
Ashesi University Foundation
Board Member / Past Board Chair

Ashesi University is focused on developing the next generation of ethical, entrepreneurial leaders in Africa. I’ve served on the board of the Ashesi University Fondation since the boards formation. I was the chair of the board from 2012 to 2016. The institution during my board tenure has grown from serving 40 students to more than 2000; with thousands of productive graduates. During this time the board led multiple capital campaigns to build the initial campus and subsequent expansions for engineering and the sciences. I currently serve on the governance and nomination committees.

August 2012 - present
Board of Directors

I serve on the board of VentureWell which focuses on helping institutions transform innovations to impact, by helping Faculty, Student Entrepreneurs, and working with Government Agencies like NSF and NIH to develop programming. In 2020 I led a subcommittee of the board focused on working with staff to develop the strategic plan for the organization. I also serve on the Compensation, Governance and Investment committees.

As part of my association with VentureWell, I have presented at their yearly conference OPEN, as well as serving as a lean launchpad instructor training co-teacher as part of VentureWell’s work with NSF iCorp.

September 2010 - September 2014
Northwestern University
Board of Trustees

I served on the board of trustees at Northwestern University as an Alumni Trustee for a single term. I served on the Alumni Relations and Development committee, where I led a task force to introduce class agent to increase participation. I also served on the tech transfer and entrpreneurship committee during the period when the Northwestern Garage was created.


My Qualification

Oct 1983 - Jun 1987
Northwestern University
Bachelor of Arts with Honors

Double Major in Economics and Computer Studies. Graduated with Honors, including Diebler Award for best thesis in Economics “Evaluating the Girton-Roper Exchange Rate Pressure Model” An econometric model looking at trade flows between Canada and US and their effect on the balance of payments.


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